A rich history, combined with a promising future

In 1870, Lord's Horticultural Works, a supplier of conservatories and greenhouses, moved to Irvington to be closer to its customers; wealthy, Hudson Valley estate owners. As the company grew, so did its presence on the Irvington waterfront, expanding from one waterfront factory to several.

Lord & Burnham occupied the Bridge Street buildings for over 100 years, finally closing its doors in 1988 and leaving Irvington not only its factories, but also a rich history. The company had been founded in 1849 by Frederick A. Lord, a carpenter, who had started a small business building wood and glass greenhouses for his neighbors in Buffalo, New York. Addison Burnham, Lord’s son-in-law, joined the firm in 1872 and together, Lord and Burnham designed and built many of the most noteworthy conservatories in the United States, among them the Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, the New York Botanical Garden and the United States Botanic Garden in Washington, DC.

In 1995, Bridge Street Properties, LLC. purchased the building from Lord & Burnham and began renovating and updating the facility to the state-of-the art retail and commercial space that it is today.